How To Locate A Good HVAC Company

It is essential to find an HVAC company with which you can work. Your home should be a place of comfort to you as you have invested significantly for it. However, that comfort can be compromised if your cooling or heating system is not working as it should, especially in the extreme cold of winter or the simmering heat of summer. The purpose of this post is to provide readers with hints on how to choose an HVAC company wisely.

Make a List

Make a list from a website or the phone book. Call each one independently; you should also possess a list of queries to ask the potential contractor prepared before making your calls. It is time to look elsewhere, if the company does not offer you straight answers.

Check for Credibility

The main questions to ask your potential HVAC contractor involve physical address, longevity, insurance, and licensing. First, raise queries regarding the licensing of the company. Demand a hard copy of the same, and as you are going through the document, check whether if the license is the latest one. HVAC service standards in St. Louis are constantly evolving. You require a contractor who is licensed and trained according to the latest HVAC standards. Licensing apart, check the background of the company thoroughly. You should, according to, examine whether there are complaints and disciplinary actions pending against the contractor. Use BBB (Better Business Bureau) to check these facts by entering the company’s name into the appropriate field. Alternatively, you can check with the state or local licensing boards Asking for references is another way to check the credibility of the company. Follow up, once you have received the list of names of prior customers. Old customers will be more than happy to share their experiences with a contractor with you, particularly if such experiences have been less than positive. Take your business elsewhere, if the general consensus among these prior clients is negative Check out the number of years the company has been in business. Use the internet to conduct research on the contractor. The longer the contractor has been in existence, the likelier it is that it has the level of experience you as a business owner (or homeowner) are looking for.

Check for Stability

Also, check how long that HVAC company has been in the same address. If it has moved around too much, that may be a sign of unsteadiness. You probably would be unable to trust the organization if it has not been in the same address for a long time. If you were to give the contractor any money, is there any guarantee that the organization would be there the next week to do the work you have entrusted to it.


Having the ability to communicate with your heating and air conditioning contractor is supreme. Make sure the company does not have a post box address but has a physical address instead. Make sure that the organization you select has a working email, website, and telephone number, as well as an emergency number. Cooling and heating systems break down on weekends, holidays, as well as at night, so it is vital that you have someone who can always immediately respond to your problems.

Personal Comfort/Rapport

As the website of the Heating and Air Conditioning indicates, the ideal scenario between your contractor and you is that this working relationship will last for years. In view of this, you should seek a company whose staff you would not mind letting into your home. To evaluate this, plan an unannounced trip to the business place of the contractor. Talk to the employees. If they seem too busy, or distant to talk to you, then move on.


Secure a minimum of three bids on the work you need done. Based on the Air Conditioning and Heating website, this is so that you will feel more assured that you have made the correct decision, when you choose a contractor. Do not go for the lowest priced bid. As a matter of fact, if a contractor bids too low, it is a reason for suspicion. Query the contractor why its bid is so low. It may be an ominous sign that the work package is not suitable enough to meet your requirements.


Get all of the information you discussed in writing, especially the pricing. Ask the representative what type of payment the company takes, and if the entire amount must be paid in advance. Place this details in a safe location. You can refer to it should a dispute arise.