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Top 8 must-have tools for gardening

Is there anything like waking up early in the morning, paying a visit to the garden, and on your way back bringing some roses for your family and also fruits and vegetables? Not only it is healthy for you and your family, but it also gives you a chance to connect and bond with your family and make good memories every day. Bringing your little ones to help around the garden while your wife makes homemade treats such as cupcakes and pies for everyone.

If you love gardening, you have got to love everything that comes with it; joy and hard work. Once you are in it, there is no turning back and you are in it for the long run. An essential aspect of gardening is that it has to be done right, otherwise it might just be a waste of time. If you want to do it right and get the most out of it, you have to get every single tool that is important to help you along the way.

Following are the must-have gardening tools to help you make your garden look like a delight to the sore eyes.

1. Hose Reel

If you know plants, you know that watering them every day is the only thing that is necessary for them to grow. Lack of water affects the plants and they might be dead before you know it. Plants can live and grow alongside weeds and other unwanted plants but there is no way that they are going to survive without water.

Keeping that in view, to make the water get to every single one of your plants is a very tricky job. Hose reels might just be the tools that you need to overcome this problem. A hose reel is a tool that is used to wrap the long hose that is needed to convey water to different parts of the garden.

Not only it makes watering the garden perfectly easy, at the end of the day, but you can also save a lot of time by just rotating the reel and the tube will be wrapped around the wheel in a single small space.

2. Soil Knife

As the name indicated, soil knife is the most commonly used tool to dig up soil for different purposes. It is the handiest tool which might replace other tools that you have in your inventory. It is so versatile and can be used to perform several functions, all at the same time.

For starters, it is used to plant the seeds and bulbs of different fruits and vegetables. It can also be used to dig out weeds, trim the smaller plants, divide different plants and clean the racks.

3. Secateurs

Secateurs, also known as pruners, are the must-have tools that make your garden look tidy, clean and attractive. They are used to cut down anything you don’t like in your garden or any branch that is standing out. Different forms and sizes of pruners are there depending upon the use but bypass pruners are the most commonly used ones.

4. Rake

A rake is another garden tool that comes in handy for the purpose of loosening the soil, trimming the plants and removing flowers and leaves that are fallen. Rakes consist of a long handle and teeth made up of steel and they come in different sizes and shapes to serve different purposes. A smaller rake is used to reach places where a bigger rake cannot reach, for example under the shrubs or smaller plants.

5. Long-reach Saw

As the name indicates, a long-reach saw is a tool that has a long handle made of wood or steel and a saw on the other end. There are different types of saw depending upon their use. A pruning saw is one which is used to perform the same function as secateurs, but it is mainly meant for strong branches of trees that cannot be reached.

6. Spade

A spade is a tool that is used for the purpose of planting, softening the soil, digging and cutting through some tough roots. Usually, shovels and spades are considered the same, but they are used for totally different purposes. A shovel is a long-bladed tool used to dig holes while a spade has a smaller blade.

7. Leaf Blower

A leaf blower comes in handy when your garden has seen a windy day or in the autumn season. When leaves from the trees fall down and they make your garden a mess, a leaf blower is used to tackle these leaves and clean the garden.

 8. Garden Gloves

Last but not least, you must always have a pair of garden gloves on when you are working. You never know what might be lurking under those plants that’s why gloves must be worn for your own safety.All of the above tools must be present in the garden shed at all times for any emergency that comes your way. You can get more information about their operation, usage and prices on a website named Northern Arizona Flora. Now, it might be difficult to select the type of tools that you want to buy, you can also visit the site for this purpose too.